In this new blog post of “The World According to Maria V”, María Victoria Saiz, its founder and CEO, talks about what highlights her team and what it takes to create real author journeys in MVS Travel.

What is an author’s journey
An author’s journey is one that exceeds your expectations, leads you to fulfill your dreams and feeds your desire to continue to know the world. At MVS Travel we specialize in this type of travel, because they are the ones that really allow you to navigate the sea of ​​the deepest emotions and leave a positive mark in your life. It is about exploring each destination in a way where each step is a worthwhile experience.

Experts in author travel
In MVS Travel, María Victoria Saiz has formed a team that unites culture with service. The kindness, charm and disposition of each of the members of MVS Travel is felt from the first contact that each traveler makes to start planning. In addition, MVS Travel organizes real author trips thanks to the experience, know-how and in-depth knowledge of each place visited: “There is no trip that we organize that has not been a member of the team before. It’s not about experimenting with the traveler, ever. Here we always know where we go to detail. ”

Beyond the expectation
In MVS Travel the success of each trip is measured according to the emotion that travelers feel when arriving and returning from each destination. “When you arrive at your destination accompanied by MVS Travel, you can be sure that you will not find a negative surprise and less than your expectations. Quite the opposite. When traveling with MVS Travel you know that you will always get an experience that is worth much more than what you have paid. With our team, we always aim to exceed expectations and all travelers feel a positive surprise when they arrive. ”

MVS Travel is added value
In our team we know that it is not only about knowing and having the experience. We are aware that another fundamental aspect is that they know us in the destination to ensure excellence in treatment and service. When you arrive at a destination with the MVS Travel team, you can be sure that you will live a meeting with locals with whom we share the camaraderie, knowledge and love for every corner of the world. Here we create real author trips because we know that you deserve the journey you dream of.