The life of who loves to travel the world is determined by the set of experiences that leave an imprint on his memory forever. At MVS Travel we are facilitators of those moments, and that is why we have gone a step further to become a true factory of experiences.

Passion for travel
From the moment that María Victoria Saiz had the vision of creating MVS Travel, she knew that the line that followed her competition would never be enough to fully convey her particular vision for the world of travel. His experience has shown him, time and again, that the success of a good experience facilitator, is not based solely on completing the organization of the same, but of transmitting to the world the wealth of each destination in the words of the travelers, who They are the protagonists of travel. Faced with this void in the market, María Victoria set out to create a company with a unique mission: to be a true Factory of Experiences.

Traveling innovation
Immediately on the road to the creation of MVS Travel, María Victoria was aware that the concept of the “travel agency” would no longer be sufficient, since within that definition the heart of her vision was forgotten: experience. A travel experience is that moment where you can once again feel the aroma of a meal that awoke new colors on your palate, walk the streets of the city that made you happier and see again the faces of the people you met in the path. Experience is not simply having gone, it is having felt.

At MVS we are a team with the same passion
Faced with the revelation presented by so many years of experience, María Victoria set out to form a team with the same passion. The entire team is trained to see, learn, transmit and create the best experiences around the world. No detail of the taste and needs of the traveler goes unnoticed for a team that, as conveyed to him by María Victoria, understands the concept of MVS Travel and lives it as his own. Each MVS Travel destination specialist who participates in the organization, development and return of travelers is a true ambassador of the company and of our Experiences Factory.

The Experiences Factory
Those who travel with MVS Travel have the guarantee that they are traveling with specialists who have experience and know each destination in detail. Thanks to this feature, travelers can be sure that, upon their return, their knowledge of the most wonderful cities and their vision of each beach and landscape in the world will be more enriching and dazzling.

The Experiences Factory is a vision that María Victoria has created in response to her own experiences and to the identification of a new type of traveler who seeks to return from each trip with something more than her luggage. It is the sophisticated design of a memory that travelers of MVS Travel will remember for a lifetime, and that is defined by the emotions and personalized moments that start from a deep understanding of the expectations and dreams of each one of them.