At MVS Travel we have a network of contacts and alliances that ensure an excellent service and support for each trip, both in Colombia and in the rest of the world. In this opportunity we present the alliances that strengthen our work and of which we are very proud to be part of.

Our voice in Colombia and the world
As part of our expansion and growth, we have joined several networks of alliances that increase the potential of MVS Travel, as well as our reach in Colombia and the world. Belonging to this prestigious global community will allow us to reach new horizons, while we further improve our services and diversify our range of experiences. This is one of the many initiatives of MVS Travel to offer unique and exclusive programs, at the same time that Fábrica de Experiencias trendsetters.

Luxury experiences with Traveler Made
Through Traveler Made we join a network of “Experience Designers” (selected by invitation and accepted after a rigorous approval process) with the aim of being representatives of luxury destinations and experiences. It is a community of agencies with more than 10 years of experience and focused on travel author for travelers seeking exclusivity and originality in each of their destinations. Being a member of Traveler Made is a pride that will also allow us to ensure the quality of the offer of luxury and custom made trips with maximum guarantee.

Excellence by the hand of GDA
GDA (Global DMC Alliance) is a group of experts in destinations and organization of events that since 2006 seeks to offer the best services to companies and individuals. Our alliance with GDA positions us as the most reliable agency to guarantee the quality of the services of conventions, incentives and private events in Colombia. All of GDA’s allies are trained to respond to a strict and meticulous level of service, and we are pleased to confirm that we work at that level of demand to represent Colombia in such a respected community. In any organization where excellence is the mission, MVS Travel is strengthened as the best answer.

A network of creation and experience
Each of these alliances allows us to provide more options to our travelers with unique security and support. Thanks to our years of experience and the positive response of travelers to our philosophy based on the passion to provide and facilitate the best experiences, today we are able to join the most prestigious and valued travel networks in the world. We are proud to be able to approach the most fabulous corners of the world with the help of experts so that the dreams of your life and your company are unlimited.