In MVS Travel the experiences are overloaded. With our cultural travel program organized along with famous Colombian historian Juan Camilo Vergara, you will find thoughtful and planned trips around his conferences. Find out now why you should not wait any longer to travel with us.

What are cultural trips
A cultural journey is one that is organized around the thematic lines of the history and culture of a destination. It’s about trips where you can taste every minute with tranquility and pleasure while you enrich yourself in knowledge with a small group that shares your same interests. The logistical order of cultural trips does not focus on the tourist attraction of each site, but on what dictates the course of history and culture, which in each step of the journey are shaping the experience in a much more enriching way.

In addition, in the cultural trips of MVS Travel you are accompanied by an expert on the subject such as Juan Camilo Vergara (PhD) who will allow you to explore the depths of the destination in a unique way. Together with this team, you will be able to know each city, town and country from the perspective of a local. You can visit places and restaurants that even the best guides mention and enjoy local experiences. A cultural trip is an invitation to enjoy the city beyond the typical routines.

Our experience
At MVS Travel we are experts in this type of travel and we believe that cultural trips are an excellent way to let ourselves be trapped together by the unknown. Here no one is a tourist, but a traveler who we know and work so that he always comes back from a trip with more knowledge and happiness from which he left. Previous experiences with this type of travel have shown that the MVS Travel team together with Juan Camilo Vergara are a perfect synergy to accompany you in your own discovery of the world.

Cultural plans for 2019 and 2020 that you must schedule
The next cultural trips that you must schedule with us for 2019 and 2020 will take you to the most exotic and interesting places in the world. Join the cultural journey through Russia and Turkey, two countries immensely rich in history and culture that have defined the course of global development for years. You can also choose to travel with us to India, the Holy Land, Armenia and Georgia and other destinations that we are about to announce.

Unique experiences for unique people
If you are someone who loves to travel the world far beyond its surface, you should not hesitate one more minute to join our cultural trips. The experience of María Victoria together with all the know-how of her team and Juan Camilo Vergara will take you on unique tours with specialized accompaniment in each destination. Only our cultural trips will guarantee you an album full of wonderful moments. Enrich your knowledge, dare to the most fantastic adventures that you have not even dreamed of and enjoy the taste of the fruits of the world. Contact now with your MVS Travel destination specialist and embark on the best of your life.